Which Email Marketing Service is Right for Your Business?

Which Email Marketing Service is Right for Your Business?AWeber is one of the most well-known service providers for email marketing. They already are being used by over 100 thousand businesses around the world and the popularity just keeps growing. The reason that AWeber is so popular isn’t just because they have some of the best rates in the business and a slew of useful features. AWeber is all about the small business and has tailored their features to suit those needs. AWeber can easily be adapted to just about any business model to help achieve rapid growth.



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Here are some of the great features from AWeber and how you can benefit from them:

Amazing Core Features

When it comes to email marketing, AWeber delivers all of the basic features you would expect from one of the top providers. They let you choose from a stunning array of newsletter and email templates so you can make professional-looking campaigns without any hassle. This can really help you save time and costs on designing templates for your emails. The AWeber signup forms are also stunning – particularly because they are designed for various business modes. AWeber steps up above the competition because they let you easily design your own forms and even include animations and effects.

When it comes to autoresponders, AWeber is the industry leader for small businesses. They make it really easy to send out sequential emails to new subscribers and to track the progress of them as well.



Which Email Marketing Service is Right for Your Business?
Targeting Subscribers

In order to run an effective email marketing campaign, you will need to target based on demographics. AWeber makes this easy by segmenting your subscribers into different lists and then you can send emails to them by lists. AWeber also has a lot of split testing features which can be very useful for testing your campaigns on subscribers by demographic.

Easy To Use Tracking and Analytics

These features are what really make one email marketing service stand out from the others. AWeber stands out in this field for a few reasons. First off, they deliver the reports in real time. Secondly, the reports are all very easy to understand and even come in graph forms. This makes it even easier to analyze the progress of your email marketing campaign.



24/7 Top Quality Client Support

AWeber has won a few awards for their customer service features. This probably has something to do with the fact that they offer unlimited live support every day. AWeber also has a great knowledgebase, live webinars, and video help too. Beginners should have no problem using AWeber and making the most of their email marketing services.



The reason why Aweber is right for you!

• No contract required
• Money back guarantee
• First month is just $1
• Can import lists from other service providers
• No setup fees
• International friendly
• Good price for features offered
• Best features available
• Great customer service
• User support and knowledgebase
• Great for beginners

You can have more sales too!
Aweber is helping over 102,000+ businesses like yours raise profits and build customer relationships using opt-in email marketing software for over 10 years.
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